1- Background information

In this historical moment experiencing a very difficult political climate throughout the regions of the Middle East and Africa, women are threatened by difficulties and face many challenges particularly the religious extremists on the one hand, and by conservative governments of the other. It is time to take things into our own hands, because it will affect the democratization processes and women human rights.
Given this situation in the region , women human rights activists from Morocco and Sudan came up with the idea to create something new that does not yet exist. While the existing networks today are typically intellectual networks, often focusing on campaigning and advocacy, there is a lack of concrete coordinated action on the ground. Hence, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis coalition is to conduct direct campaigns of solidarity among women across the region. If women's rights are threatened in one country, the coalition members in all countries coordinate concrete actions of solidarity (such as demonstrations, sit-ins, caravans, etc), directed at relevant national, regional and international institutions.

2- Main objectives

The coalition intends to make stronger links between women associations offering platform for common actions.
However, every organization will stay independent according to its mandate and local context.

3- Principles

The coalition:
- Agrees with universal human rights values and separation of religious and politics, and stay independant from any political or religious background
- Fights against all forms of exclusion and discrimination of women and children
- Mobilizes the civil social society to participate and advocate for democracy, sustainable development and respect of diversity

4- Focus areas

- Call for democratic society, activing gender equality and women citizenship rights
- Ending of all forms of violence against women with particular attention to the girls rights
- Enhancing women reproductive health
- End of all types of discrimination against women
- Adopting a global human development approach and facilitating access and control over protective resources

5- Current situation

According to what is happening in Arab and African regions : uprising of conservative religious movements which affect women negatively, these women associations felt the necessity of coming together and call the international community and the regional organizations like African Union, Arab League, to increase their efforts to end all forms of violence against women, specifically in Syria, Irak, Palestine, Lybia, Sudan, and Nigeria.
This is the hightime to consider as war criminals law and to implement the international framework to protect human rights.

Contact: Najet IKKHICH