The Mediterranean Women's Fund awarded!

A Women Award from the France-Algeria Forum
the Medal of the city of Paris

The Mediterranean Women’s Fund is proud to announce that our organization has received the women award from the France-Algeria Forum and was also awarded the Medal of the City of Paris for it support to the women's rights movement in the Mediterranean region.

Many thanks to the France-Algeria Forum and the city of Paris for this initiative.
When the Mediterranean women's fund was created in 2008, it only wealth was it willingness to change the situation of women in the Mediterranean region. Six years later, we have provided financial support to more than 150 projects in 19 countries of this region.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you, friends, family, volunteers, artistes, anonymous,
women’s funds and other foundations. Youhave trusted us and made this result possible.
This success, it's also yours and we would like to share this medal with you.

We hope to have you always by our side!
With all our friendship,
The Mediterranean Women Fund’ team